Call for submissions – transgender


Seeking New Adult Trans voices or Gender Non-Conforming voices (roughly ages 19 – 27) to write short pieces (500-1,500 words) of personal reflection, personal narrative, or poetry for an upcoming nonfiction text for Teen and New Adult readers, a Second Edition of Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide.

Also seeking high-quality photographs and artwork. Photos might include a few from childhood—being presented as the gender of one’s parents’ choice—and adolescence, wherein gender presentation may be changing. Artwork might be a self-portrait, or a comic strip illustrating an aspect of gender-variant life.

Pseudonyms accepted, although not required. Age at creation of work will be published along with the work.

Perhaps you already have the piece, or the precursors for one, in your personal journal or social media postings or college entrance essay.

Focus is open, but should in some way address the impact of one’s gender identity on one’s self, one’s family or on the larger society. What does it feel like to identify differently from the mainstream? How did it feel to transition, and what does it mean to be able to present as the gender with which you identify? What changes did you feel were necessary (clothing, hormone treatment, body sculpting, etc.) and how easily were any and all attained or achieved?

Submissions accepted online at, please write Gender Submission in the subject line, and via U.S. Mail at Cynthia Winfield, 226 East Gay Street #3463, Lebanon, TN 37088-0500 USA.

Mailed submissions should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Keep a copy of any photographs mailed as the originals will be sent to the publisher. Electronic submissions should be cut and pasted into the body of an email. Attachments may be discarded, unopened. Drafts-in-progress are acceptable.

Pieces will be edited for length and clarity.

Deadline: May 31, 2016

Payment for accepted pieces: $25.00 upon publication, likely in early 2017.

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Ein Tag im Büro

Ein Grund, warum hier momentan Flaute ist, ist die Tatsache, dass ich Nägel mit Köpfen mache. Ich kann nich immer nur meckern, wie man Dinge zu machen hat – an irgendeinem Punkt muss die Meckerei aufhören und man *macht*.

Das Dörfchen, in dem ich wohne, hat ja jetzt einen eigenen Verein. Und dank der tatkräftigen Hilfe der Stadtverwaltung auch ein eigenes Büro. Yay.

Nach 5 Jahren hab ich jetzt 3x die Woche einen Bürojob. 😉

Wie darf man sich das denn vorstellen?

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Das Internet ist doch klein

Die fliegenden Bretter – ich musste tatsächlich feststellen, dass es wirklich *der* Mann war, den ich meinte. Vor Jahren Kumpel, dann passierte das Leben und man verlor sich aus den Augen – nicht zuletzt auch der Scheidung geschuldet, das fliegende Brett kam „von Männe“. Macht aber nix. Kluger Mann war er immer und erfrischend neutral.

Hey, Mann. Wie gehts dir? 🙂

(ich klingel mal via Pingback an *g*)

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